Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big Brother Big Sister Storyboard

Hey guys!

I finally had time to post one of my first storyboard assignment! I had to do a commercial. I chose the Big Brothers Big Sisters oganization cause what they do is just freakin’ awesome!

It's this little song that gave me this commercial idea. I think it would fit pretty well with the board.
 Here are the designs of the main characters. I made some simple design to concentrate myself a little more on their story. 

The Final Board

So that is all for now. Hope you like it!

Have a nice day! :-)


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One character three different styles!

I was cleaning my USB key yesterday and I founded this old character design assignment I’ve made. I had to create one character, translate this character in three different  animation styles and animate one of the designs. I decided to bring life to the (looney tunes) cartoon design! 
realistic style inspired by The Iron Giant
Cartoon style inspired by the Looney Tunes

I had so much fun doing this!
The animation will soon be posted here! 
Till then have a nice day!