Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Stormy Night Assignment

Hey there! I'm alive! 

The last months were so crazy that I didn't have a second to upload all the things I've done here. But now that my Christmas break has started, I think it's time to set this blog up-to-date!

The main projects I've been working on, were my thesis film, EL TERROR, and this FX animation assignment called A Stormy Night. Here is the result it was all done on Toonboom Harmony (a wonderful software).

Right below, are the two backgrounds that I had to paint. My teachers wanted me to have a realistic ambiance. I'm quite satisfied with the final result of it all since it's my first time doing a more realistic painting.

And finally, a test gif I've done to see if the transition between the two ambiance was working well enough.
So to conclude, I thought this assignment was pretty awesome! Seriously, I didn't know animating special effects could be this fun! I can't wait to start the FX animation for my short movie!

Have a nice day,