Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Character Design Assignment Two: Samurai Jack

My second character design assignment! I had to choose a feature film or a TV series that is really more graphic and inspired by the UPA (United Production of America) or as other people say, in a  "Cut out" style. Incredible artists such as Genndy Tartakovsky, Lauren Faust, Craig McCracken and Kevin Dart are known today for there animations in that kind of style. So I've chosen Samurai Jack one of the craziest TV show I've watched when I was a child. It was so incredibly good and it still is! I wish to work in a series that epic one day! 

So here is the final design. While searching for ideas of character, I thought what if Samurai Jack was a girl with a rebel personality just  like  Mulan or Merida? Below are some researches to find the right face and the whole model stuff.

As always designing that girl was really fun and to finish here are some sketches I've done to get into the style.

Have a nice day guys!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Character Design Assignment One: Gravity Falls

So here’s my first character design assignment!
The goal of this course was to make us explore all the different styles and designs that we could use for animated feature film or TV show. The first style to explore was cartoon! We had to take one cartoon movie or series and create a character in the same style. I took Gravity Falls cause it is seriously an awesome TV show!

Here are the first design and the final one.
I've decided to do a stereotyped french tourist who can transform himself in a werechicken! 

I really had so much fun designing this guy and I would really appreciate some feedback on this since it’s the first time I’ve done that kind of stuff. Tell me want you think about it! 

Anyway, next character design style to come will be inspired by the UPA Studio. 

Have a nice day! :-)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bird Flying Cycle

This is one of my animation class assignement . We had to design à tall bird and make a flying cycle with it.
So here is some research I did.

At first I want it to have a more goofy looking but then I decided to make a more of cute and skinny bird.

And after that I animated that little birdie. There is still ALOT of improvement that is needed here cause I'm REALLY NOT satisfied by the results. but I've made this blog to see my evolution over the years and compared to my animations of last year, this is a big step up. So I'm gonna keep on climbing those stears one step at the time and (hopefully) I'll get to want.

I guess that was all I had to say about this bird flying cycle

Have a nice day guys!;)