Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coddy & Little Flower Concept Art

Hello there!
Do you guys remember of my characters Coddy and Little Flower?
Well there might be a super awesome project coming with them! 
It's REALLY nothing official but anyway here are two concept images I did a few months ago. I'm still exploring the overall atmosphere of the universe those two kids will live in.
I'll tell you if there will be more to come!
Until then have a nice day!
-Franco :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bear Walking Cycle

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Here's another animation assignement. I had alot of fun animating this but there was a lot of stuff to care of. My teacher told me it is one of the hardest thing to animate because every parts of his body is moving with a different rythym. This isn't exacly what I want but I think I've improved a little bit more. 

Let's keep this up!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Character Design Assignment Tree: Tarzan

Hey guys!

After getting to know the cartoon and UPA type of designs, I had to get familiar with the one which I think is hardest. THE REALISTIC animation style! So as always I had to take a TV show or a animated feature film with characters who had realistic proportions and  without thinking I took my favorite Disney movie Tarzan. I have to admit this  really really hard! I didn't taught how much work I would had to put in this assignment but I think made it trough pretty well. 

I've decided to create a chubby variation of Tarzan or as some of my friends told me "Tarzan's older brother". His name is Karume witch means master in African.
Here is the final look and the first designs I've made.   

I wanted to create a character that had the same animal feeling that Tarzan had and  also that profound eye looking. This was what captivated me in that movie. I wanted those deep eyes that Glen Keane created perfectly in my character. I think the first sketch a the top shows that intention. But I haven't been able to reproduce that look again and that's whats I find  the most disappointing on this assignment...

Anyway, here's all the model stuff I've done after finding the character.

Even if I had a tough time creating that dude this assignment was crazy fun and made me learn and understand so much things! You guys should try this! 

To finish this post I drew up my character in that classic Tarzan pose! 

See you later!


Friday, February 1, 2013


Tried the greyscale painting method on that one! 
It was crazy fun!